Shareholder Protection

In the majority of cases, shareholders either own the business or they are its directors and it is through their commitment and dedication that the company has grown to its current levels of maturity, brand awareness and profitability.

In the event of a shareholder’s death, the business will continue to trade and the shares will pass to the estate of the deceased, but this raises a number of pertinent issues that need to be addressed –

  • Will the eventual beneficiaries of the shares want to be as involved in the running of the business?
  •  Will the remaining shareholders want the deceased’s family involved in the running of the business?
  • How difficult will it be for the beneficiaries to sell the shares?
  • Do the remaining original shareholders have the liquid assets to purchase the shares?

Shareholder Protection allows the shareholders to come to an agreement whereby they agree to buy out a shareholder’s shares if he or she dies. This provision means that -

  • The business remains with the current shareholders
  • Expensive loans to buy the deceased’s shares are avoided
  • The shares are bought for their fair market value
  • The beneficiaries receive their payment for the shares immediately
  • Company shares do not fall into the hands of strangers
  • You retain the confidence of suppliers, customers and employees
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Tel: 020 7371 5244
Fax: 020 8371 3112
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