Equity Release Mortgages

Lifetime Mortgages, Home Reversion and Income Plans are types of equity release plans which facilitate the unlocking of equity from your main residence. Funds can be used to enhance your standard of living in retirement, improve your financial situation, or even to reduce an inheritance tax liability on your estate.

These schemes essentially allow you to borrow money against the current value of your home without having to sell the property in its entirety. The debt is normally repaid from the sale proceeds after death.

We can help you choose the most suitable option for your circumstances and in our professional opinion, any decisions of this type should not be undertaken without expert advice. Equity release will not suit everyone and it is worth considering other options before taking this route. You also need to understand the financial implications, your rights and any restrictions imposed by these contracts prior to proceeding.

If you do not have a family to inherit your assets, schemes of this nature may provide a very attractive prospect of improving your lifestyle. Funds released in this manner are free of tax, however if the funds are invested there may be tax to pay on any income or growth generated.

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Tel: 020 7371 5244
Fax: 020 8371 3112
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